Look at Drew Carey

September 29, 2010

I was reading the paper today and the cover of Parade had a picture of “The Incredible Shrinking Drew Carey”. He has lost 77 pounds on his way to trying to lose a total of 92 pounds. Not good for him but GREAT for him. Before he had type 2 diabetes and after 10 weeks on his diet the doctor said all the symptoms of diabetes had reversed…no more meds. Drew has done it with exercise and eating much better than he had. A lesson can be learned by all.

My story is a little different. I have been a proponent of preventive dentistry for years and had been saying for a while I will change my diet someday. A few months ago I was turned on to a lecture on YouTube called Sugar, The Bitter Truth and someday became that day. I really changed my diet to try and eliminate as much processed food as possible. Even though we may have the best health care around I want to take as much control of my destiny as possible.
While I will continue to share my successes with the change in diet one of the most incredible things for me is that I have been able to control my sweet tooth. I just was able to stop eating stuff like ice cream and candies cold turkey.

In time I will share more of my successes as well as successes of others. We lead by example.
Thanks Drew Carey

What is Air Abrasion?

September 13, 2010

At Southern California Dental Health Associates we pride ouselves on trying to provide the greatest variety of treatment options for our patients.  Air abrasion is a drill-less technique that is very similar to a mini sandblaster and is used to treat small cavities.  A fine stream of particles made of silicon, are propelled toward the tooth surface by compressed gas.  Small particles of decay on the tooth are removed as the stream hits it and are suctioned away.

Air Abrasion is very safe, the only precaution being the need to wear protective glasses to prevent any eye irritation from the spray.

The advantages of air abrasion compared to traditional drilling are many and include, but are not limited to:

Minimal loss of healthy tooth structure, usually no anesthesia is needed, there is no heat, sound or vibration involved which reduces microfracturing of teeth and most importantly, air abrasion is fast.

Another use of Air Abrasion is to prepare teeth for sealants.  We have found Air Abrasion to be the best system on the market to allow for what we call Super Sealants.

We have been using air abrasion for over 15 years at Southern California Dental Health Associates and have found it to be ideal for treating the early stages of cavity formation.  However, there are some limitations to its use and can not be used for removal of old metal fillings.

If you have any questions about this technology just call us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.