Enough with the Rain

March 27, 2011

Ok, I have had it with the rain. I thought we may have had our annual rainfall in December when all hell broke loose in Southern California. I was happy to see us get some rain in February, just to make sure we got enough, no drought etc etc etc. But the last few weeks of rain have done me in.

Last Sunday was the best… I had to get the arborist out on Sunday, in 60 mile an hour gusts, to save one of our trees before it fell to earth and perhaps destroyed a fence. And later that night I had to get someone out to help us clear some county drains that run through our property that were clogged. Looked like we had a swimming pool in our backyard…when we don’t.

I have not seen yearly rainfall totals for Los Angeles, but something tells me we blew past our average totals for the year. Can we say no drought for a while?

In my continuing quest of sharing Conscious Prevention I want to tell about a patient that I had this week. She was really nervous about her appointment, she had really stressed out about it. Her husband told her to use nitrous oxide to help her relax..but she was stressing about that as well. Everyone in the office took their time with her and she eventually decided to try the nitrous after I told her how easy it was to use and control. After the appointment she thought the Nitrous was the next best thing after sliced bread. She felt so relieved that she could get through the appointment that she set up her next couple of appointments right then. She overcame her objections to treatment and now she is taking positive actions to get her conscious prevention going. Who knows….maybe I can get her to floss everyday next.

I got to let you know how therapeutic it is for me just to sit and write this blog. It helps me remember some cool stuff going on in my life and this in turns help my mental well being. Just another part of staying healthy. So, what are you going to do this week to help yourself on a path of being healthier. Whatever it is just do it so you don’t have to depend on our health care system to make you better.

April 16th my office is participating “Healthy Kids Day” at the Hollywood-Wilshire YMCA at the intersection of Selma and Schrader. The YMCA puts on this event so local organizations and businesses can reach out to the youth and families in their community. The office goal is to try and teach something about the benefits of dental home care and eating right to prevent cavities. Ashley Grant, the local Proctor and Gamble rep is going to be helping me as well. With luck I can also do some basic screenings to let parents know about their kid’s mouths. Stop by and say hello if you are in the neighborhood.

Do you want to breathe better? And longer?

March 20, 2011

According to the headlines from the Dental Tribune keeping your gums healthy may actually lead to healthier lungs.  There was a new study that came out that suggests that gum disease may increase the risk for different respiratory infections including but not limited to pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  The authors of the study did say that more studies are needed to fully understand the link between gum disease and the lungs.  Others studies have shown associations between gum disease and other chronic inflammatory diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease.  The key word here is inflammatory.  You can check it out on the internet, read my previous posts or just ask your dentist about the human body and inflammation; the body hates it.  And anything you can do to prevent inflammation is key to long health.  (HINT Brushing and flossing properly goes a long way here.)

Conscious Prevention is how I describe how I choose to live.  I am not to the point where everything has to be by the book (by the way there is no single book, the more I read I realize that there is no 100% system on the market today) but I just try to make decisions based off of my long term health goals.  How I exercise, how I eat and YES  how I brush and floss my teeth.  Its great being a dentist because prevention has long been the cornerstone of dentistry and it is really what its all about.

I also just wanted to mention that I went to a lecture on Ozone therapy in both dentistry and medicine yesterday.  Some pretty interesting stuff.  I went just to find out about it since it is not main stream in the United States today.  I got enough of a taste that I want to learn more.

Now let’s see if we can get the tree in the backyard trimmed up before we lose it to the rain and high winds today.

What are your thoughts about Probiotics?

March 12, 2011

OK, I’ll admit it, I have come to a place in health that I am actually very confused about. It is the area of probiotics. On the face of it probiotics make sense. To put it simply, probiotics work by placing good bacteria in the place of bad bacteria in the body.

The first point to make here is that the body is teeming with bacteria, some of them harmful, but some of them necessary for the overall health of the body. As a dentist who uses a laser, it is incredible to think that I can aim the laser in the mouth and get the full benefit of the laser and still only have instantaneous sterilization of the area. Only a millisecond later the saliva provides a fresh new batch of bacteria into the area.

So given the above statements does replacing bad bacteria with good bacteria make sense to you? It does to me. Here comes my question to you. Recently a new product in dentistry was introduced called EvoraPro. It is a probiotic designed to help people with weak teeth or bad gums. It contains three different bacterium for the mouth; one replaces acid producing bacteria that cause cavities and the two other replace bacteria that cause gum disease.

As with everything else in medicine today, the key to these products even working is called COMPLIANCE. You have to take the product daily for it to work. And the next question I have for you is are you willing to pay $30.00 for the initial starter pack and then $20.00 per month thereafter? This product will only be distributed through dentists; however, you can set up an automatic billing system and have it delivered regularly to your house. Please, let me know what you think.

On a more somber note, our thoughts and wishes go out to all areas in the world where there is disaster and turmoil. On a personal note I want to pay a little tribute to a man who gave me the most important gift in my life..Nathan Krauthamer. Nathan passes away on Tuesday in New York and my wife, his daughter, was by his side to say goodbye. I know he is in a better place.